January 17, 2011

well, i know dah lama tak berblog. nak cakap apa pon dah tak tau. sekarang most peolple cakap pasal apa? ohh yeah, obviously bola. wosh jangan main gila, Malaysian footballers getting better and hotter. actually im attracted to the golkeeper.tapi berangan je lah, dia orang kelante and plus dia dah ada girlfriend. and memang tak lah dia nak kat aku nih haa. aku nih, ordinary je. kaya pon tak, lawa pon boleh tahan lah, perangai pon macam tah pape. yelah, siapa je orang kat sini. *apa aku merepek nih* ish, sorry banyak berangan, tak salah kan. apa pon i support Malaysia. and yes im proud to be Malaysian

August 10, 2010

what i want?

why am i think about you? ohh man, you're a jerk. why am i saying that? because you fuck the world. you have been treating me so well ever since i met you but then the world has turned upside down since i have been acting so weirdly and been away from you. i heard so much about you no matter good or bad. i'm still your friends. the reason i have been away is i know what is on your mind. like the way you treat me. and the way you text me. i know you love me. do not you? i do not want to be your so called girlfriend. we are better friends. i know you hate this and you even hate me. i do not know what to do. i have never had this experiences before. you expressed your feelings through status. wow thats horrible man. you put so much effort and never give up by losing my heart.

January 31, 2010

the forever heels

I found this hot sexy heels from the Bleach Black . im so into the colour because i think it may suits with any outfit but im not sure where it from. goshh im super likes this.

January 3, 2010

December 24, 2009

PMR is over

okay, frankly say my result was terrible. just a few A's. it was my first time taking the result. huhh frustrating. besides, just about a momment, its christmas eve. okay, nice celebrating especially to friends out there who just took their result. i know how it feels. bye gtg