December 12, 2007

about me

i'm .....!also known as miss clavoyant.i do what i want,don't like it ,i don't care .don't like something i say tell me i'll try to explain to u how i could careless .if u are my friend,i congradulate u that have been through much n put up with me n prob have a dame wild what are u waiting 4.just commt .

my music

i love is so interesting! it makes us enjoy and it's like having fun. music will leave out our stress.futhermore,music has a lot of uses.we can sing ,dance and etc.i always use it to sing but when i hear my favorite songs it makes me want to dance.
that's all for today.

December 6, 2007

my first entry

hello there..
this is where i first started my blog..
im so happy cause dh lame i nk buat bt x smpt..
okay,now im gonna use my free time to add all in.

i think thats all..

sloppy kisses,