August 31, 2009


boringggggggggg tomorrow startttt schoolingg.
presentation tak siap lagi


sayaanakbangsaMALAYSIAsayaanakbangsaMALAYSIAsaya anak:



1 MALAYSIA bebeh !!!!!

31 ogos 1957

August 29, 2009

TITANIC makes me wonder

amigos amigos.okay okay.its like supper duper sad and i cried million times watching this TITANIC.i don't know how to is so so sad watching this video. seriously amazing.i watch it last night channel 413.

omg,i just keep thinking what would i feel if i am on of them suffering from dieing. and im think im gonna do what rose did to is so romantic.huuuuuuuuh.

so,the video is just some of the story.

August 28, 2009

before = AFTER

hehe.yeah,at last.dapat jgk senyum.kan comel you can see.there is no more shiny on my gunakan lah,its about 1.49am now.mybe im still not sleepy but aaa. i have to dont care boleh tido ke tak.paksa jgk because i got BRITISH COUNCIL tomorrow.bye."wink" wink".(taulah muka dah lawa)

my hobby before sleep you can see.the shiny part on my face is not oily.i'm wearing mask.hehe.boring while waiting for it to buatlah kerja yang berfaedah nih iaitu malam malam pulak tuh.ok.its about 1.20am,it is face pon cam dah layu.hahai cannot smile because its like,when you wear mask you cannot talk or laugh nor smile.easy say i cannot do anything to my face while wearing mask.haha

August 26, 2009


yayy, my tuition end at 5.30pm.
so,straight away go to the kitchen.drink some water.very thirsty maa.
hehe.maklumlah tak puasakan.
jgn salah sangka i'm period okay.
so back to the story.suddenly my mum asked for help.acctually i really lazy but in the end i found out that cooked awesome.i won't feel boring because you eat everytime you cooked.
so,no more izrin. i'hv change my call me MRS ALVOUSLE'.hehe i just made it.i don't even know how to pronounce's an italian name.hehe
so,my mum asked me to chop the garlic.errhhh.i hate garlic.
so,i chop chop chop.and it last about 15minutes later.lama kan.and i proud of it because tak sakit mata pon.dulu siap pakai goggle.
so then,i actually cook fettuchini.lupa nak bagitau pulak.
i asked many question to my mum.she was like arrghh,yeee,hmm.macam macamlah.
so i stir and twist and last i made it.
i put some Italian herbs and some hot spread.
it taste really nice..

so,to the cooker out there come and interview me.i'm the new Italian chef called MRS ALVOUSLE', we ate it for buka's awesome man.hehehehehe

August 25, 2009


seriously malasnya nk tuitionnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.the teacher's boreddddddddddd.


i really miss my cousin zarif i found out he is cute and intelligent.he is supper hyper after he waked is the photo when we were at kampung.he soooo,cute.he likes to play with ball, car and gun.he likes to make sound effect when he played his gun he said "piu piu".haha

full fill

i like the combination with shorts and looks really nice.
and here,it's kindda like the same as the upper photo but it wear it with white shorts and a white shirt inside.the best part is,the shoe.the converse shoe which is match with the coat.really niceeeeeee.

SO, as a dreamer to be the famous fashion designer,i found out that guys has a boring style.

so,i squeeze my brain to found out the new style for,here are some photos.i found it from the blogger "the sartorialist"'.this blog are awesome.

the person who is angry is the one person is hungry

hey,i'm not fasting.
hehe, great huh.
guest what i went for my tuition yesterday dgn semangatnya
sampai tertinggal transport.
so,i asked mum to send me tuition.
okaylah,then when i reached there naik atas and give my student card to kak irma.
she's nice and short.hehe.
so,get in the class sir shakib pon baru okay then sambung belajar maths.
then i asked fyqa for a food.then she said she only have a chew gum.okaylah.
then,i ate it.x sangka lah pulak ada,kunyah2 then sir cakap sapa yg x puasa i looked at him and buat muka.then we smiled and yg lain semua dh macam ohhh izrin x puasa, x malu.and bla bla bla.
so,to anyone who's not-fasting,
here are some advise for you.
do not eat chew gum.
so,the moral of the post is the person who is "not shy" is the person who is "don't care others"
hahahahhahhahaha.giler x de motif.

August 21, 2009

sweet 15

sweet 15
grow taller okay
myra,since i know are short,clumsy and seriously not friendly.
i get to know you because i was new in that school and i sat besides you.
i ignore me bt i like to asked many question.
i know you hate it.
i just talk and talk and make you feel frustrated.hehe
and the more i talk the more i know about you
which is you're not so short, ur not so clumsy and ur friendly. i know that you are a SHY person.
love you always.
remember the "friendship game"
haha and "hidung bawak hidung"
haha.yg tu sedap giler kene tepek.


as usual.started my day going to school.celebrated hari kemerdekaan.yeah awesome because boleh nyanyi-nyanyi but before nyanyi the school invited a special VIP.i don't know his name but we called him ....haha.i forgot.his old.he has big stomach and little hairy mixed with,he gave a speeched yg agak lama membuatkan i felt sleepy.yeah manfaatkan masa bak kata NUR LIYANA FAZIRA ABDUL KUDUS.haha.she like's to sleep in class.thats why lah kene manfaatkan,back to the story.i seriously felt sleepy then try nk tido but cannot.paksa jgk yes atlast tido jgk kt DEWAN PERPADUAN katanya.haha.i dapat tido because why u know.thanks to sin yi.she tepuk2 my head macam baby's bed,macam layan jela. tengah sedap tido.tiba-tiba dengar org tepuk.rupa rupanya he finished his speech.hurray.apa lagi i stand up and get ready to sing.we sing sing sing...friend of mine salah lyric.haha.seriously funny.darsh around 10.kene sambung P&P.arghh boring sbb time math.kena class exchange.

so,dh habis skola.went to MCD for lunch.dh mengidam nih.on the way nk smpi MCD cam i'm thirsty.then sabar jela.when i reached there.guess what.ramai giler orang.yelakan friday,geraklah BURGER KING'S .it just the same.naik atas then banyak budak st.john and sesak so tak nk lah.buat decision punyalah lama.last last mkn kt MCD setiawangsa.haha.kenalah jalan kaki with my classmate,fyqa and aman.fyqa dh hauslah izrin jom beli kt 7-e dulu.nilah tulah last last dh smpi MCD so,happy giler.makan makan makan.suddenly nmpk yosh and alep.haha.rupanya their dad x then i saw my dad came towards me.i was shock.then i said "hey yah".then he said ayah tunggu kt depan.he is not angry.ouhh.thanks god.yela napa nk marah my mum semua dh tau i pegi i get into the car agak lmbt sikit sbb nk packed the food yg x habis.

rupa-rupanya he wanted to send me tuition.i thought apalah kan.i forgot that i got,straight away go with my baju sekolah.malam pegi terawih.hehe.

so,thats all i think,bye.

August 20, 2009

To: fyna

(people cmmt fyna's pictures)
cmmted photos: hey fyna,nice photo huh. i really like the way you took the pictures.giler hott.i like this,cumil nye fyna.hey,nice one.i really like this.i love you fyna,nice shot.

hey hey hey.what is this.this is all fake.the picture is not you fyna.the person in the picture is me fyna. you took my picture and you set it as your default.the comment is all belongs to me. i should thanks those people that cmmt my photos not you. what the hell.don't you have your own face? your own identity? huh huh. why do you need to took peoples photo.are you a stalker?.i know that you like photography but why do you need took peoples you own creativity.or it's okay to take my photo but don't set it as your own picture.arghh.i'm seriously angry.

bye i have to go.released tension.

you think i care?

guess what.the Mr. sweet talker(ST) comment me. wow,I'm proudly say that i really surprise that he cmmt me.i thought that he is going on with his new life.huh,rupanya tak. still looking for me. see,i told you that you will regret if you leave me. x nk caya. what, u think you leave me means that you can get me back.hell no. get your budd out of my life.just go on with your happy life.forget about me. delete my number, delete my myspace, delete everything. i feel really happy if you leave me lah. i can go on with my new life.there is still many guys out there.haha.u think you put sara's picture,I'm gonna be jealous huh.harapan je.

here's a quote for you, what goes around won't comes around.haha.i just made it.
bye,gtg.nothing to say.

August 10, 2009

i want this

Nikon Film
Originally uploaded by isayx3
i really like the way she photograph herself.this is so creative.and the colour is really fit the photo.

August 5, 2009

Irena Qumyra

hey,i just came back from school.its 2.15 p.m now.i'm quite tired now.just now the school was helding a seminar for this PMR candidates.after waiting for so last.the seminar, we need to lined up for the food session.the teachers had booked us nasi putih with ayam merah.omg,it's so nice.but unfortunately,i'm fasting. aaaahhhhh. tension. haha. then, went down to tangga ampang and went to the bus.find the seat and talk talk talk, gosip gosip and gosip.then,this one little 7 years old kid in my bus. yes , she like talking and laughing.when she was talking.she likes to make expression.which is so cute.she likes to laugh before she wanted to story.haha,so, the reason i put this cute photo is because i can remember irena's laughed.

btw,gtg.the time is calling.

August 3, 2009


again i found out she's singing HEAVEN.awesome bebeh.
i love it.

here's the video.


like yeah.i like their voice.yeah.both of u.nothing much to say.i just feel jealous because u guys are talented and have a great voice.nice one but Mia is a natural talent that began singing at a tender age and has put a lot of time and effort into developing her passion for music.

here's: ANA FREE - "IN MY PLACE"


"i miss you daddy"

omg.this video is seriously awesome and touch.yeah i do was so sweet and its about a little girl say her words to her father who died in the air crash.her voice was so cute and i watch it a few time.she's not singing.the background song was awesome and it really suite the video.i love it.

here's the video.