August 26, 2009


yayy, my tuition end at 5.30pm.
so,straight away go to the kitchen.drink some water.very thirsty maa.
hehe.maklumlah tak puasakan.
jgn salah sangka i'm period okay.
so back to the story.suddenly my mum asked for help.acctually i really lazy but in the end i found out that cooked awesome.i won't feel boring because you eat everytime you cooked.
so,no more izrin. i'hv change my call me MRS ALVOUSLE'.hehe i just made it.i don't even know how to pronounce's an italian name.hehe
so,my mum asked me to chop the garlic.errhhh.i hate garlic.
so,i chop chop chop.and it last about 15minutes later.lama kan.and i proud of it because tak sakit mata pon.dulu siap pakai goggle.
so then,i actually cook fettuchini.lupa nak bagitau pulak.
i asked many question to my mum.she was like arrghh,yeee,hmm.macam macamlah.
so i stir and twist and last i made it.
i put some Italian herbs and some hot spread.
it taste really nice..

so,to the cooker out there come and interview me.i'm the new Italian chef called MRS ALVOUSLE', we ate it for buka's awesome man.hehehehehe

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