August 20, 2009

To: fyna

(people cmmt fyna's pictures)
cmmted photos: hey fyna,nice photo huh. i really like the way you took the pictures.giler hott.i like this,cumil nye fyna.hey,nice one.i really like this.i love you fyna,nice shot.

hey hey hey.what is this.this is all fake.the picture is not you fyna.the person in the picture is me fyna. you took my picture and you set it as your default.the comment is all belongs to me. i should thanks those people that cmmt my photos not you. what the hell.don't you have your own face? your own identity? huh huh. why do you need to took peoples photo.are you a stalker?.i know that you like photography but why do you need took peoples you own creativity.or it's okay to take my photo but don't set it as your own picture.arghh.i'm seriously angry.

bye i have to go.released tension.

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