August 20, 2009

you think i care?

guess what.the Mr. sweet talker(ST) comment me. wow,I'm proudly say that i really surprise that he cmmt me.i thought that he is going on with his new life.huh,rupanya tak. still looking for me. see,i told you that you will regret if you leave me. x nk caya. what, u think you leave me means that you can get me back.hell no. get your budd out of my life.just go on with your happy life.forget about me. delete my number, delete my myspace, delete everything. i feel really happy if you leave me lah. i can go on with my new life.there is still many guys out there.haha.u think you put sara's picture,I'm gonna be jealous huh.harapan je.

here's a quote for you, what goes around won't comes around.haha.i just made it.
bye,gtg.nothing to say.

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