August 5, 2009

Irena Qumyra

hey,i just came back from school.its 2.15 p.m now.i'm quite tired now.just now the school was helding a seminar for this PMR candidates.after waiting for so last.the seminar, we need to lined up for the food session.the teachers had booked us nasi putih with ayam merah.omg,it's so nice.but unfortunately,i'm fasting. aaaahhhhh. tension. haha. then, went down to tangga ampang and went to the bus.find the seat and talk talk talk, gosip gosip and gosip.then,this one little 7 years old kid in my bus. yes , she like talking and laughing.when she was talking.she likes to make expression.which is so cute.she likes to laugh before she wanted to story.haha,so, the reason i put this cute photo is because i can remember irena's laughed.

btw,gtg.the time is calling.

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