November 15, 2009

the new you?

when i first know you,
you were really good at telling me story,
you hate when i reply in a short sentence.

but now, you're different.
you were more than that.
i remember when you said you want to be more than that.

you be mad when your friends disturb me.
you be really concious if im not in the mood.
you scared if im not replying you message.

ohh this is you.
you really care about me.
now i know the real you.

stop pretending

i know who you are and what you feel.
i know you hate me but you still love me.
i know delete me because you try to forget me.
i know you dont chat with me because you scared.

i know,
i know,
i know everything.

just admit it. im here for you.
its okay,
i dont mind if you with someone,
what i want is talking to you like before.

at last, i found you back.
i know you are not going anywhere.

sunday evening

not in the mood. sleepy but eyes keep open. hungry but mouth close. how to describe what i feel? i dont know how. online but still boring. chatting but not. i hate you you hate.

sunday is supposely a sunny day.
in this days,
sunday is rainy day.

November 3, 2009

another video inspired me to sing.haha


in love with his voice

ohh what a beautiful song. wish michael could listen. he must be proud.

November 2, 2009

All-American Rejects

Hurray ! i went to the concert with my sisters friends. im having so much fun. ada one part yang kiteorang have to them to perform. like hell . it takes an hour. memang my legs and pinggang dah sakit plus nak patah. nasib baik we met this "thai" boy. giler cute but whatever he had a girlfriend. so we all like standing there under the rain and doing nothing. some of them dah balik and some of them still waiting because of obsession. HAHA. yeah overall okaylah. by the time tyson went out, everyone was driving crazy.

my inspiration

some of her shoot