February 23, 2009


owh no!!
i'm alive..
i thought i'm dead.

it's just a dream.
im too tired till i slept on the floor with my leg on the chair and my face kissing the carpet.
bt i was thinking,its only a few hour ago.
i was posting a blog..

so to the people who really thinks they tired..
just stop what ever ur doing ang to sleep nicely n the bed.


my last word.
i'm dead.


what a superb day..
i keep practising cheer dance and stunts everyday..
i need 2 put my weight down..all not,the basses wont get me.
its not easy to be flyer..
u need to grip your whole body while doing stunts to make my body lighter.

the steps are great.
the songs are great.
bt the flow never ends.

we enjoy while dancing.
we focus we stunning.
we cheering while laughing.

it is not okay to the people who dont want to enter cheer.
because there were keep thinking about studies.
studies never stop me to be cheer.
if u know how to bahagikan masa.
it is okay..

i think thats all.
i need to get shower before my parents come home..
all not...
im dead..

sloppy kisses,

February 7, 2009

where the age of 15 started

7th february 1994.
when i started to reach 15 at 12 0'clock..
it's normal for u to have a wishes as happy birthday and a present.
it's okay if there is no present.
and the think i care is a wish.
the 1 who wish me is the 1 who's the bomb..
they are awsome because they do appreciate me..
haha..mybe they forgot today is my birthday.

whatever it is.
i do celebrate my birthday with friends.
we meet and celebrate and plays bowling as well..
ur lying if theres no smile,hug n kisses when its on my birtday..
myb they do because when i first met them at the spot just nw.
and for a few hours later we had a fight(and its on my birtday)
they were bluffing each other.

i feel sad,ofcourse.
a minutes later i do solve the problem..
we went for a bowling..
pictures snap a alot.
actually we have to wait for a waiting list first..
and an hour later,my name were called for 3 times..
haha..im happy..we play bowling n have fun...
we take pictures..

idk what to say anymore.
i just feel happy..
and last..

it ends here..

sloppy kiss,

February 2, 2009


yesterday was great..
i ngan my siblings went to astrofest..
not badlah..
there are alot of activities..
meet uncle hussein was there too..
blh dikatakan enjoylah..
stakat agguk2 kepala,loncat2,mcm2 lah..

now lets talk about their food plk..
the food are quite okay bt tggl sikit je..
yelah,mane x nye, by the time kiteorg smpi dh pkul 9..
there are 3 stage.
the first stage is 4 ppl yg tgh mkn (dihiburkan oleh JOZAN)
they was so amuzing..
the 2nd stage is 4 teenagers cm band meet uncle hussein sume kt situ..
i kinda like 2 say ,this stage yg paling rmi orglah.
and the 3rd stage is 4 kids..
they were dancing there mcm x igt dunia..

and ade gk activities cm face painting,scream!!
alot ah tapi.
hmm.okay i dont no wt 2 say anymore because im blank..

sloppy kisses,


Yesterday was great..
i dgn my siblings went to ASTRO FEST..
not badlah cause ade a few artist kt situ n ade activities..
yang best nyer meet uncle hussein was there..hmm enjoy gk lah..
c setakat goyang2 badan je.

faizal tahir, elyana n aizat was there too.
diorg nyanyi a few songs gk..

lets talk about food plk..
the food are okaylah cause by the time i reach there the food tinggal yg sisa2 je..
bt its okay cause i don't really care about food..
i drink alot lah..

sloppy kisses,