February 7, 2009

where the age of 15 started

7th february 1994.
when i started to reach 15 at 12 0'clock..
it's normal for u to have a wishes as happy birthday and a present.
it's okay if there is no present.
and the think i care is a wish.
the 1 who wish me is the 1 who's the bomb..
they are awsome because they do appreciate me..
haha..mybe they forgot today is my birthday.

whatever it is.
i do celebrate my birthday with friends.
we meet and celebrate and plays bowling as well..
ur lying if theres no smile,hug n kisses when its on my birtday..
myb they do because when i first met them at the spot just nw.
and for a few hours later we had a fight(and its on my birtday)
they were bluffing each other.

i feel sad,ofcourse.
a minutes later i do solve the problem..
we went for a bowling..
pictures snap a alot.
actually we have to wait for a waiting list first..
and an hour later,my name were called for 3 times..
haha..im happy..we play bowling n have fun...
we take pictures..

idk what to say anymore.
i just feel happy..
and last..

it ends here..

sloppy kiss,

1 comment:

theroyalcrapster said...

happy birthday ilin love! i hope u had fun with the 'mini' celebration we had with abang and lia. sorry couldnt give u anything special and "THE BOMB" coz im broke! bak kata ayah: "it cost me a bomb!!!" hahahaha.

enjoy being fifteen. and with that, i dedicate to you lagu taylor swift bertajuk fifteen :)