December 24, 2009

PMR is over

okay, frankly say my result was terrible. just a few A's. it was my first time taking the result. huhh frustrating. besides, just about a momment, its christmas eve. okay, nice celebrating especially to friends out there who just took their result. i know how it feels. bye gtg

December 7, 2009

guys attention


1. Touch her waist.
2. Actually talk to her.
3. Share secrets with her.
4. Give her 1 of your sweatshirts
5. Kiss her slowly.

Are you remembering this?

6. Hug her.
7. Hold her.
8. Laugh with her.
9. Invite her everywhere.
10. Hangout with her and your friends together.


11. Smile with her.
12. Take pictures with her.
13. Pull her onto your lap.
14. When she says she loves you more, deny it. Fight back.
15. When her friends say i love her more than you, deny it. fight back and hug her tight so she can't get to her friends. it makes her feel loved.

Are you thinking of someone?

16. Always hug her and say hi whenever you see her.
17. Kiss her unexpectedly.
18. Hug her from behind around the waist.
19. Tell her she's beautiful.
20. Tell her the way you feel about her.

One last thing you need to do to show her you actually do mean it.

21. Open doors for her, walk her to her car (if any)- it makes her feel protected, plus it never hurts to act like a gentleman.
22. Tell her she's your everything - ONLY if you mean it.
23. If it seems like there is something wrong, ask her- if she denies something being wrong, it means SHE DOESN'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT- so just hug her.
24. Make her feel loved.
25. Kiss her in front of OTHER girls you know


26. DON'T lie to her
27. DON'T cheat on her!
28. Take her ANYWHERE she wants

29. Text messege or call her in the morning and tell her have a good day at work {or school}, and how much you MISS her.
30. Be there for her when ever she needs you, & even when she doesn't need you, just be there so she'll know that she can ALWAYS count on you.


31. Hold her close when she's cold so she can hold YOU too.
32. When you are ALONE hold her close and kiss her.
33. Kiss her on the CHEEK: (it will give her the hint that you want to kiss her).
34. While in the movies, put your arm around her and then she will automatically put her head on your shoulder, then lean in and tilt her chin up and kiss her LIGHTLY.
35. Dont EVER tell her to leave even jokingly or act like you're mad. If shes upset, comfort her.


36. When people DISS her, stand up for her.
37. Look deep into her EYES and tell her you love her.
38. Lay down under the STARS and put her head on your chest so you can cuddle.
39. When walking next to each other grab her HAND.
40. When you hug her HOLD her in your arms as long as possible


41. Call or text her EVERY night to wish her SWEET DREAMS
42. COMFORT her when she cries and wipe away her tears.
43. Take her for LONG walks at night.
44. ALWAYS remind her how much you love her.
45. Sit on top of her and tell her how much u love her and then bend down to her face and kiss her while sitting on her.
46. Rub her back--feels good
47. Give her your coat if she's cold--thats always cute
48. Write letters on her back with your finger--feels good ;D
49. Let her sit on your lap
50. DON'T poke her hard...but if you want to mess around just do it lightly.
51. HOLD her HAND in PUBLIC.
52. Even if she looks BAD one day tell her she's BEAUTIFUL
53. Keep conversations about anything usually they just go along with it.
54. If their hair is in their face move it out of her face and then kiss her passionatley and gently.
55. Surprisingly sneek up on her and hug her from behind--loves it.
56. Kiss her in the rain.
57. Pick her up like in The Notebook and kiss her.
58. Slow dance with no music
59. Don't ignore her or be nerveous around her--everything is going to be okay.
60. Love her, kiss her, hold her, and you'll be good to go. ;D

November 15, 2009

the new you?

when i first know you,
you were really good at telling me story,
you hate when i reply in a short sentence.

but now, you're different.
you were more than that.
i remember when you said you want to be more than that.

you be mad when your friends disturb me.
you be really concious if im not in the mood.
you scared if im not replying you message.

ohh this is you.
you really care about me.
now i know the real you.

stop pretending

i know who you are and what you feel.
i know you hate me but you still love me.
i know delete me because you try to forget me.
i know you dont chat with me because you scared.

i know,
i know,
i know everything.

just admit it. im here for you.
its okay,
i dont mind if you with someone,
what i want is talking to you like before.

at last, i found you back.
i know you are not going anywhere.

sunday evening

not in the mood. sleepy but eyes keep open. hungry but mouth close. how to describe what i feel? i dont know how. online but still boring. chatting but not. i hate you you hate.

sunday is supposely a sunny day.
in this days,
sunday is rainy day.

November 3, 2009

another video inspired me to sing.haha


in love with his voice

ohh what a beautiful song. wish michael could listen. he must be proud.

November 2, 2009

All-American Rejects

Hurray ! i went to the concert with my sisters friends. im having so much fun. ada one part yang kiteorang have to them to perform. like hell . it takes an hour. memang my legs and pinggang dah sakit plus nak patah. nasib baik we met this "thai" boy. giler cute but whatever he had a girlfriend. so we all like standing there under the rain and doing nothing. some of them dah balik and some of them still waiting because of obsession. HAHA. yeah overall okaylah. by the time tyson went out, everyone was driving crazy.

my inspiration

some of her shoot

October 28, 2009

talkin' smooth: 3rd place

another piece of kate voegele: 2nd place

A Fine Mess with Kate Voegele

chris had tea and susan was drinking

It had been raining for more than a week, so much rain it made everyday seemed so restless and gloomy. She called and said she was coming up. It was the third time she came up to see me that week. I carried her excuse of why she came all the way here and went to meet her at the nearby seven-eleven. She was standing there alone, carrying her red umbrella. Her friend had dropped her off. It was raining and she was shivering. She looked weak and fragile in the harsh rain, wearing not enough to keep her warm. I walked up to her and said, "You shouldn't come see me anymore," and stuff like how we shouldn't be together. She said, "I miss you." I told her coldly, "Lets go, I'll take you home." She did not open up her umbrella, I knew she wanted to share mine. I said, "Open up your umbrella, let's go." Unwillingly, She opened up her umbrella and walked with me to the car. She said she hadn't eat lunch or dinner and asked if we could stop at some place to eat. Right away I answered with a stoned heart, "No!" Disappointed, she asked me to take her to the train station, she said she would take the train back home. Maybe it was the rain, all the trains were full of people with umbrellas and suit cases who were eager to get home, not caring about who just passed by. We waited and waited, she looked at me innocently. Being together for so long, of course I knew what she meant. I understand how she must feel when she came all this way here in this kind of weather and I treat her like this. With her soft eyes staring at me, I felt guilt and wanted to let her stay for the night. But reality struck again, I said to her coldly, "Let's go try the other train station." We were living in the same apartment building, on the same floor. Back then there were four of us, , and we got along well. We would always eat dinner together, watch movies, and sometimes go camping. We were more like a family, but I didn't know I would end up falling in love with the only girl of the four. Maybe it was during the last year of college, having living together for two years, we developed deep feelings for each other. After she graduated she went back home, and I stayed for one more year to finish school. During that year I was only able to take the train down to see her on holidays, but never for long. That was how we kept the treasured relationship. We were walking along the side of the road. She was in front of me and I was right behind her. Her umbrella had a broken spoke. She looked liked a wounded soldier, carrying her rusted rifle walking weakly. Many times, she was too into thinking or whatever she was doing, drifting off the road, she almost got hit by the cars passing by. I wanted to just take her in my arms, but with the love I had for her and the constant pain in my stomach, I did nothing. On the way, we passed by the park where we use to always go. She begged and said, "Lets go in the park just for a little while please, I promise I'll go home right after this." With her begging, my cold heart softened, but I still put up an annoyed face and walked in the park. I was just sitting on the benches looking like I wanted to leave. She went to the big oak tree and she was looking for something. I knew she was looking for what we wrote on that tree with a silver ink pen half a year ago. If I remember it right, it said, "Chris and Susan was here, Chris had tea and Susan was drinking hot chocolate. Hope Chris and Susan would always remember this day, always loving each other, forever." She was looking around for quite a while, then she came back slowly with tears on her face. She said, "Chris, I can't find it, it's not there anymore." I felt so sour inside, there was a stream of pain, flowing into my heart, the kind of pain I've never felt before. But all I could do was pretend I didn't care, and said, "Can we go now?" I opened up my big black umbrella, she was just standing there, didn't want to leave yet, hoping there was still a chance. She said, "You made up the story of you and that other girl didn't you? I know I frustrate you sometimes, but I'll change, can't we start over?" I didn't say a word, just looked down and shook my head. After that we just kept on walking towards the train station, didn't say a word to each other. Four years ago, the doctor said I had cancer, but it was found early, so it was still curable. Thinking that it was okay, I started living my normal life again, and even forgot about the cancer. I didn't think about the cancer again and did not go back to the doctor. Until a month ago, my stomach was hurting for two weeks straight, and the nightmare awakened me again. First I thought the pain wouldl go away, but it grew stronger until to the point that I couldn't take it anymore. I went back to the doctor and took an X-ray. The picture came out and there was a big black spot, which proved the truth that I did not want to believe. I was at the most glittering part of my life, but it was coming to an end. I wanted myself and the people around me to go through the least pain possible, so I decided to commit suicide. But I couldn't let people find out about my intentions, especially Susan, the person I love the most in this whole world, who still doesn't know about the truth. Susan was still young, she shouldn't have to go through this. So I made up some stories and lied to her. It was a cruel thing to do, and it broke her heart, but it was the fastest way to wipe out three years's feelings. I didn't have much time, because I would soon start to loose hair and she would find out eventually. But now I'm close to succeeding, this drama would soon be over. Thirty minutes more this would all come to an end, that was what I had in mind. The train had stopped running so I called a taxi for her. We were just standing there, waiting, loosing our last moments in silence. I saw the taxi from far away, I held my tears and said to her, "Take care of yourself, take good care of yourself." She didn't talk, just nodded lightly, and then opened up her misshaped umbrella and stepped out on the street. Out in the rain, we became two single life forms, one red, one black, so far away from each other. I opened the door for her and she got in, then I close the gate that would separate me from her forever. I stood by the car, staring in the dark window, at the first love in my life, also the last one, walking out of my life. The car started, driving into the street. Finally I couldn't hold my sorrow and the twist in my heart any longer, waving my arms rapidly chasing after the taxi, because I knew, this would be the last time I see her. I wanted to tell her I still love her, I wanted to tell her to stay, I wanted to tell her so much, but the taxi had already turned in the corner. Warm tears kept falling down my face, blended with the cold rain drops. I was cold, not because of the rain. I was cold inside. She left, and I didn't get anymore of her phone calls even until today. I know she didn't see my tears, because they were washed away by the rain. I left without regrets. But I'm not Chris, I'm that girl Susan, using my memory, and his diary I found after one year since he left, writing down these last words.

what do you think about this story?

October 27, 2009

nak hummer !!

today was sucks

i cant find the reason why i'm moody. huh what a horrible day. i dont like this feelings. i cant describe what i feel. why am i like this? this feelings makes me think a lot. help help. help to find my way out.ARRGHH.

October 26, 2009

what i feel now

okay i know im a disaster . i like to do things without thinking. okay this is me . what my oppinion about guys is , hmm i dont know. haha. seriously just now after school i went home by bus rapid. then Afiq sukor sat besides me . he gave me like a bunch of jokes like budak sedikit up . haha . okaylah he's funny. he gave me this ceramah thinggy on opinion about girls in our age. bla bla bla . even im super sleepy , but all opinion about girls are right. so, what do i feel now is to find someone who is open minded and lebih matang . i felt really thank to AFIQ SUKOR for your ceramah hari isnin. to anybody who wants to attend you may proceed to his profil .haha.

October 6, 2009

i'm a girl acctually.haha

this is some notes about my uncoming PMR.

elin my Darling,
just do the best you can,
ingat ALLAH ingat success.

Izrin my daughter,
there is nothing impossible in this world.
what ever you do ,
i will always pray for your success.

Dear Izrin,
all the BEST for PMR.
we all have faith in you.
we always have faith in you.
i hope you will be the first in this family to get 8 A's

p/s : always remember law of attraction.
if you think you CAN, you CAN!

do the best!
make us proud!
face it like a war.
perang biar habis-habisan.

ME :
wow thanks guys, what i think from your hopes and pray are very important for me. i have a big responsible to hold. i know i CAN do the best as what akak said.yeah thats right. remembering ALLAH is also very important for me. ALLAH is where i ask and mengadu with. allah is the one who knows what i feel now and that i want for my future.i wish to have.nonono .i want 8 A's. i want flying colours. i know i can do this. selama 3 tahun belajar, hanya 2 jam untuk menentukan who am i.

PMR is coming

PMR is coming and im still having my PMS.
stress for me is common.
life without phone,
study in moment,
no need to worry,
my life barely perfect
everything in front and behind me
is all under control.

so,leave me alone.
frustrating,annoying plus peeving.
study sejarah is very unreal
my head can't absorb anything that comes with sejarah
and yet it's very hard for me to score.

#over react.

excited + nervous

okay,seriously what i wanna say right now is.mylife change.haha. i can't concentrate on study. PMR just around the corner. a bunch of subjects that i haven't ready yet still playing around.the only thing that makes me focus is locking myself in the room with radio and phone around.

the reason i don't want to go to school is i can't study. what im going to do is chit-chatting with,the conclusion is ponteng sekolah.

tomorrow cuti,so what should i do is.revising all the notes.i know im weak but it doesn't mean i can't strive for A's with all the effort i put. always remember the LAW OF ATTRACTION.thanks dad for giving me the tips.i hope its working.i can't having my PMS.very very what the hell, PMR tomorrow mehh.
seriously need a stack of pads in bags.

wish me luck for PMR yeahh!!!

izrin izelan,

September 27, 2009

my life went back to sorrow.

i knew it will happen.

i always can't stop stalking you.

since you were happy,

my life harsh,

i sacrifice everything,

you make me dead.

if you know who you are, you will not do this.

sacrifise for PMR

just came back from this tips terakhir was good and helpful.effective gaklah.

i'm so tired know.half my body wants to go to bed the other half wants to on9.
yeahh.yesterday sleep late till midnight and wake up at 7 and kena focus at the seminar like 9 hours.giler.
btw,i met someone there.hehe.dulu he was my admire bt since he act like that.dh tak dh.

huhh.need shower, bye

my raya

my raya this year was great which is better than last few years where lots of misunderstanding among the,they were not back for raya.

talking for this 2009 is totally opposite like what i thought.we are having fun together even though i'm having my favourite part of 2009 raya is when we're lighted up pelita around my kampung.seriously nice.

guess what,the night before raya my kampung was the only kampung black out.wooow.awesome.
first time,what we do? play fireworks.DAAA,like few couples hour later the electricity was,for us,it's not fun but for the parents, opposite.

by the end of the day,exhausted lah.

September 16, 2009

what a sudden

today was a bad day.
i'm having my period for September.
so,in this year of fasting i need to refund my puasa for like many times.
masa,awal-awal puasa i had my period too.
susah betul lah period nih.
so,the reason i blog today is telling you guys what i go through my life today.
it was baddd.i went home from school like about 2.00.then sampai rumah tengok tengok
i left my keys. habis..i got tuition at 2.30.
so,what i did is i took my hair clip and corek ,turn-turn and buat weird thing kat pintu rumah tu.
mana tak scary.nanti kene marah ngan mum.
so, i decided to just sit at the porch until anyone came back. while waiting i buat paper sejarah.
so,since my sejarah dh habis its about 3.00.
mum still haven't came back,malu pegi neighbours house.
then,tibe tibe the teacher sampai.she was like.why? what happen?
then i said "i didn't bring my house key".
she gave me her phone to call.
i talked to mum.
it was nervous because takut she's mad.
i told her i left my house key.
she said"teacher dh sampai belum? u left your keys? astraghfirullah halazim",wait till she came with teacher in the porch.
giler kesian tgk cikgu.
as waiting, at last she's here.she bang the gate and straight away open the door.
teacher and me was like errr.

in my mind i was thinking
"should i help?
should i go to her?"
the door cannot open.
how am i going in.
so, WE together help to find way to open the door.
sliding door lock pulak tu.
so,mum cancelled the tuition.
she said"maybe she's brilliant enough."
memang kene marahlah.then the teacher went back home.
the locksmith here already...
so, about 4.30 dh boleh masuk.

hurray.this is my life in the golden lane.haha

September 13, 2009


PMR 24 days left. study study.
masa itu emas

longest finger nail in the world.

wow.i was serching for some document about the galaxy and suddenly i saw this interesting application saying the longest finger nail in the is so euww.
try to imagine how do you want to eat with your nails meleret panjang-panjang.urggh my nail panjang sikit pon dah tak tahan. the current world recorder holder for the longest fingernails to be Lee Redmond from USA.she hasn’t cut her nails since 1979, has grown and carefully manicured them to reach a total length of 7 m 51.3 cm (24 ft 7.8 in)'s some info bout her nail.

Right hand
Thumb 76.4 cm 30.1 in
Index finger 72.3 cm 28.5 in
Middle finger 74.1 cm 29.2 in
Ring finger 73.6 cm 29 in
Little finger 71.6 cm 28.2 in

Left Hand
Thumb 80 cm 31.5 in
Index finger 76.4 cm 30.1 in
Middle finger 76.7 cm 30.2 in
Ring finger 76.2 cm 30 in
Little finger 73.6 cm 29 in

She eats a high-protein diet, which is what hair and nails are mostly made of. She used to soak them in warm olive oil once a week, but now she no longer has time, and they don’t fit in the fry pan.what a suffer.why can't she just cut it all.tak lemas ke?hahaha

here's the record holder for the longest fingernails before Lee Redmond was Shridhar Chillal. Cutting his nails in 2000, he had held the record for 20 years!!!wow.

September 7, 2009

Kings of Leon - Use Somebody Acoustic Cover - Pixie Lott

filling up my day with watching this great video like many times.hehe.credits to my sister.she showed me this video.seriously amazing.PIXIE LOTT that usually sing the "mama do" sing this great petty songs.yeahh awesome.she sing with her owh version which is acoustic.hehe

August 31, 2009


boringggggggggg tomorrow startttt schoolingg.
presentation tak siap lagi


sayaanakbangsaMALAYSIAsayaanakbangsaMALAYSIAsaya anak:



1 MALAYSIA bebeh !!!!!

31 ogos 1957

August 29, 2009

TITANIC makes me wonder

amigos amigos.okay okay.its like supper duper sad and i cried million times watching this TITANIC.i don't know how to is so so sad watching this video. seriously amazing.i watch it last night channel 413.

omg,i just keep thinking what would i feel if i am on of them suffering from dieing. and im think im gonna do what rose did to is so romantic.huuuuuuuuh.

so,the video is just some of the story.

August 28, 2009

before = AFTER

hehe.yeah,at last.dapat jgk senyum.kan comel you can see.there is no more shiny on my gunakan lah,its about 1.49am now.mybe im still not sleepy but aaa. i have to dont care boleh tido ke tak.paksa jgk because i got BRITISH COUNCIL tomorrow.bye."wink" wink".(taulah muka dah lawa)

my hobby before sleep you can see.the shiny part on my face is not oily.i'm wearing mask.hehe.boring while waiting for it to buatlah kerja yang berfaedah nih iaitu malam malam pulak tuh.ok.its about 1.20am,it is face pon cam dah layu.hahai cannot smile because its like,when you wear mask you cannot talk or laugh nor smile.easy say i cannot do anything to my face while wearing mask.haha

August 26, 2009


yayy, my tuition end at 5.30pm.
so,straight away go to the kitchen.drink some water.very thirsty maa.
hehe.maklumlah tak puasakan.
jgn salah sangka i'm period okay.
so back to the story.suddenly my mum asked for help.acctually i really lazy but in the end i found out that cooked awesome.i won't feel boring because you eat everytime you cooked.
so,no more izrin. i'hv change my call me MRS ALVOUSLE'.hehe i just made it.i don't even know how to pronounce's an italian name.hehe
so,my mum asked me to chop the garlic.errhhh.i hate garlic.
so,i chop chop chop.and it last about 15minutes later.lama kan.and i proud of it because tak sakit mata pon.dulu siap pakai goggle.
so then,i actually cook fettuchini.lupa nak bagitau pulak.
i asked many question to my mum.she was like arrghh,yeee,hmm.macam macamlah.
so i stir and twist and last i made it.
i put some Italian herbs and some hot spread.
it taste really nice..

so,to the cooker out there come and interview me.i'm the new Italian chef called MRS ALVOUSLE', we ate it for buka's awesome man.hehehehehe

August 25, 2009


seriously malasnya nk tuitionnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.the teacher's boreddddddddddd.


i really miss my cousin zarif i found out he is cute and intelligent.he is supper hyper after he waked is the photo when we were at kampung.he soooo,cute.he likes to play with ball, car and gun.he likes to make sound effect when he played his gun he said "piu piu".haha

full fill

i like the combination with shorts and looks really nice.
and here,it's kindda like the same as the upper photo but it wear it with white shorts and a white shirt inside.the best part is,the shoe.the converse shoe which is match with the coat.really niceeeeeee.

SO, as a dreamer to be the famous fashion designer,i found out that guys has a boring style.

so,i squeeze my brain to found out the new style for,here are some photos.i found it from the blogger "the sartorialist"'.this blog are awesome.

the person who is angry is the one person is hungry

hey,i'm not fasting.
hehe, great huh.
guest what i went for my tuition yesterday dgn semangatnya
sampai tertinggal transport.
so,i asked mum to send me tuition.
okaylah,then when i reached there naik atas and give my student card to kak irma.
she's nice and short.hehe.
so,get in the class sir shakib pon baru okay then sambung belajar maths.
then i asked fyqa for a food.then she said she only have a chew gum.okaylah.
then,i ate it.x sangka lah pulak ada,kunyah2 then sir cakap sapa yg x puasa i looked at him and buat muka.then we smiled and yg lain semua dh macam ohhh izrin x puasa, x malu.and bla bla bla.
so,to anyone who's not-fasting,
here are some advise for you.
do not eat chew gum.
so,the moral of the post is the person who is "not shy" is the person who is "don't care others"
hahahahhahhahaha.giler x de motif.

August 21, 2009

sweet 15

sweet 15
grow taller okay
myra,since i know are short,clumsy and seriously not friendly.
i get to know you because i was new in that school and i sat besides you.
i ignore me bt i like to asked many question.
i know you hate it.
i just talk and talk and make you feel frustrated.hehe
and the more i talk the more i know about you
which is you're not so short, ur not so clumsy and ur friendly. i know that you are a SHY person.
love you always.
remember the "friendship game"
haha and "hidung bawak hidung"
haha.yg tu sedap giler kene tepek.


as usual.started my day going to school.celebrated hari kemerdekaan.yeah awesome because boleh nyanyi-nyanyi but before nyanyi the school invited a special VIP.i don't know his name but we called him ....haha.i forgot.his old.he has big stomach and little hairy mixed with,he gave a speeched yg agak lama membuatkan i felt sleepy.yeah manfaatkan masa bak kata NUR LIYANA FAZIRA ABDUL KUDUS.haha.she like's to sleep in class.thats why lah kene manfaatkan,back to the story.i seriously felt sleepy then try nk tido but cannot.paksa jgk yes atlast tido jgk kt DEWAN PERPADUAN katanya.haha.i dapat tido because why u know.thanks to sin yi.she tepuk2 my head macam baby's bed,macam layan jela. tengah sedap tido.tiba-tiba dengar org tepuk.rupa rupanya he finished his speech.hurray.apa lagi i stand up and get ready to sing.we sing sing sing...friend of mine salah lyric.haha.seriously funny.darsh around 10.kene sambung P&P.arghh boring sbb time math.kena class exchange.

so,dh habis skola.went to MCD for lunch.dh mengidam nih.on the way nk smpi MCD cam i'm thirsty.then sabar jela.when i reached there.guess what.ramai giler orang.yelakan friday,geraklah BURGER KING'S .it just the same.naik atas then banyak budak st.john and sesak so tak nk lah.buat decision punyalah lama.last last mkn kt MCD setiawangsa.haha.kenalah jalan kaki with my classmate,fyqa and aman.fyqa dh hauslah izrin jom beli kt 7-e dulu.nilah tulah last last dh smpi MCD so,happy giler.makan makan makan.suddenly nmpk yosh and alep.haha.rupanya their dad x then i saw my dad came towards me.i was shock.then i said "hey yah".then he said ayah tunggu kt depan.he is not angry.ouhh.thanks god.yela napa nk marah my mum semua dh tau i pegi i get into the car agak lmbt sikit sbb nk packed the food yg x habis.

rupa-rupanya he wanted to send me tuition.i thought apalah kan.i forgot that i got,straight away go with my baju sekolah.malam pegi terawih.hehe.

so,thats all i think,bye.

August 20, 2009

To: fyna

(people cmmt fyna's pictures)
cmmted photos: hey fyna,nice photo huh. i really like the way you took the pictures.giler hott.i like this,cumil nye fyna.hey,nice one.i really like this.i love you fyna,nice shot.

hey hey hey.what is this.this is all fake.the picture is not you fyna.the person in the picture is me fyna. you took my picture and you set it as your default.the comment is all belongs to me. i should thanks those people that cmmt my photos not you. what the hell.don't you have your own face? your own identity? huh huh. why do you need to took peoples photo.are you a stalker?.i know that you like photography but why do you need took peoples you own creativity.or it's okay to take my photo but don't set it as your own picture.arghh.i'm seriously angry.

bye i have to go.released tension.

you think i care?

guess what.the Mr. sweet talker(ST) comment me. wow,I'm proudly say that i really surprise that he cmmt me.i thought that he is going on with his new life.huh,rupanya tak. still looking for me. see,i told you that you will regret if you leave me. x nk caya. what, u think you leave me means that you can get me back.hell no. get your budd out of my life.just go on with your happy life.forget about me. delete my number, delete my myspace, delete everything. i feel really happy if you leave me lah. i can go on with my new life.there is still many guys out there.haha.u think you put sara's picture,I'm gonna be jealous huh.harapan je.

here's a quote for you, what goes around won't comes around.haha.i just made it.
bye,gtg.nothing to say.

August 10, 2009

i want this

Nikon Film
Originally uploaded by isayx3
i really like the way she photograph herself.this is so creative.and the colour is really fit the photo.

August 5, 2009

Irena Qumyra

hey,i just came back from school.its 2.15 p.m now.i'm quite tired now.just now the school was helding a seminar for this PMR candidates.after waiting for so last.the seminar, we need to lined up for the food session.the teachers had booked us nasi putih with ayam merah.omg,it's so nice.but unfortunately,i'm fasting. aaaahhhhh. tension. haha. then, went down to tangga ampang and went to the bus.find the seat and talk talk talk, gosip gosip and gosip.then,this one little 7 years old kid in my bus. yes , she like talking and laughing.when she was talking.she likes to make expression.which is so cute.she likes to laugh before she wanted to story.haha,so, the reason i put this cute photo is because i can remember irena's laughed.

btw,gtg.the time is calling.

August 3, 2009


again i found out she's singing HEAVEN.awesome bebeh.
i love it.

here's the video.


like yeah.i like their voice.yeah.both of u.nothing much to say.i just feel jealous because u guys are talented and have a great voice.nice one but Mia is a natural talent that began singing at a tender age and has put a lot of time and effort into developing her passion for music.

here's: ANA FREE - "IN MY PLACE"


"i miss you daddy"

omg.this video is seriously awesome and touch.yeah i do was so sweet and its about a little girl say her words to her father who died in the air crash.her voice was so cute and i watch it a few time.she's not singing.the background song was awesome and it really suite the video.i love it.

here's the video.

July 16, 2009


hurray.u know what i just came back from driving.i drove my dad's car. ha ha.i don't remember the number plaid.this time,a little bit far.i felt nervous and scared by the time there's a corner or T-junction.i don't know how to adjust the hand was horribly controlled the "stering"ha ha.some of the cars behind honk me like many times.but i don't care I'm still new to this.when i was small i usually play with the whipper and dad would offer me if i like to drive.then,i sat on his lap and controlled the "stering"by my self (my dad actually controlled them). and now I'm sitting on the driver seat alone without sitting on my dad's lap.try to control and adjust everything my myself.and i'hv been noticed and advise my my dad which he seats on the passenger seat.what a sweet moment.btw,it was fun.

July 12, 2009

the sadness begin

here is Michael jacksons only daughter speaks, truly the most emotional thing i've ever seen. this truly made me tear and break down.

Paris Jackson speaks, says goodbye to father Michael in tears, saying, "Ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. And I just want to say I love him so much."

here's the video.

June 26, 2009

R.I.P michael jackson

cute mj

wow it was a shock.i really can't believe first my friend, Syikin told me about this this morning at school.then i was like okay.maybe she's try to make a joke.

then suddenly i went back i sign yahoo and i saw the story about Michael death.

It still has not hit me. It feels so strange. Michael Jackson is dead. He was only 50 years old, a milestone age. He just celebrated the 25th anniversary of "Thriller," the best-selling album of all time, and re-released it in February.He was scheduled to start his show run in London in a few weeks.

Maybe Michael's career had reached its peak, but I was not convinced that he was done with music. When he turned 50 last August, I did a series of interviews with radio stations. All of the DJ asked me if I thought Michael Jackson could make a comeback. They wanted to know if he could get past the controversies that dominated his news coverage over the last 10-plus years. My answer was a matter-of-fact "yes."

Rosemary Jean-Louis, a Michael Jackson fan and blogger from Atlanta, is nervous, hoping the news reports that Jackson has died are not true. "I don't want to believe it because it's Michael Jackson," Jean-Louis says. "He has been the guy considered invincible who always seems to come back. He is only 50. He was on the verge of such a big comeback with his concerts. No matter what he's gone through or what the crazy circumstances and dark period of his life with that poor trial-that taken aside-he is one of the musical geniuses of our times, truly the King of Pop."

I never learned to do his moonwalk dance move, it's awesome.

last but not least,I offer my sincere to his children, parents, siblings, and other family members, and to his friends and fans.

may god bless you.
You are not alone Michael you are with Jesus now.
We will miss you but your music will live on forever.
My condolences go out to the entire Jackson family

here i post u his video.
titled : "beat it"
by : michael jackson


June 25, 2009


okay.this is how the story started.ha ha."jgn jadi bodoh".ha ha.thanks izza for the word.

i just get my ADELE supporter t-shirt. its just the same as last year. so,i just bought them to support my sister,14,izlia.she entered the cheer comp.they are struggling.its about i week more. i can't wait to see her dancing on the stage.I'm also struggling to make banners for her.

so,be prepared.
yesterday i stay back for KRS but unfortunately i'm staying back to watch XAVIER practise.
they are good.they work hard and dance with a spirit.
actually XAVIER seniors, ADELE juniors.
so my school, CONVENT BUKIT NANAS got two team.

i don't know what to say anymore.i have no idea.i just squeeze my brain in BM class just now.

huh.boring to blog if you don't have idea.

evening kisses,

25th june 2009

my brother,izrul.his leaving tomorrow.he is going to UITM segamat.ha ha. giler loser.
then,my sister izza,izlia and me unfortunately are staying here in, its going to be the girls day.huahuahua.awesome.

lets talk about my brother.his 18 years old.his tall and skinny.he likes to play drum and guitar.he got his own guitar but he always borrow his friend guitar which is he is at DANIEL house for a BBQ.his still not home father,izelan called him just now and he said he's at "Padang rumah DANIEL".

just know,about 11.50p.m, my father called me i went to him and he ask me to's like awesome.I'm not driving for quiet long since fasting month last,i drove my sister car, MYVI ( MBQ 3276 ) sister do story me about her car.her friends like to create her MBQ = mmmbeq.ha ha.

so,back to the story.
i drove the car round and round.try to controlling the car so it won't get to the other dad sat besides me and he kept saying " drive slowly easier to control.but if drive laju laju susah nk control." ha ha.very good advise dad.

actually i wanted to blog about my brother but suddenly my sister,my sister friends,Daniel,my dad.haha.everyone on the list.wohooo.

actually i don't know what to blog about my that's why i put in some other story.
sorry if i just messed it up.

owh its 12.10.
i need to sleep.schooling tomorrow.

goodnight kiss,

June 22, 2009


im fasting today.
wow.i really make it.
the weather was okay.
its not to hot and not to cold.

wowowowwoooo.okayh bye.i need to break my fasting.bye.

June 20, 2009

happy fathers day

i wish you all the best dad.
you sacrifices a lot dad.
you always give everything i want.
no matter how hard it is.
you keep find it.

and dad,
you are awesome.
you always know the way and the solutions.
don't care if i throw you in terengganu or oversea.
you still know the way to go home.

that's the special things about you dad.
i remember when i was small, u like to buy me solero(ice cream)
and you are good in geography.
and also like to story about when you were small.

that's all.

the longest word.

hey blog. i just found out the longest english word without proper nouns, names etc. i found it at yahoo.great right.

this is the word :
"Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanocon... "

it say's that it is according to the Oxford English Dictionary, "a word alleged to mean 'a lung disease caused by the inhalation of volcanic ash, causing inflammation in the lungs.'"

It occurs chiefly as an instance of a very long word.[1] The 45-letter word was coined to serve as the longest English word and is the longest word ever to appear in an English language dictionary. It is listed in the current edition of several dictionaries.[

This is the chemical name of the largest known protein. It is an astonishing 189,819 letters long. However it is purely a technical term and though written in English it isn't a "dictionary" term and thus the first answerer is the most correct.


believe it or not.
its up to you.

June 17, 2009

tired bebeh i started my day to wake up late and almost left school bus.
i reached school at 7.05a.m and straight away went to the hall.the assembly, i went to class and on my way i felt sleepy and lazy to walk and climb each steps.the P&P started.the teachers arrived and directly gave the exams paper.i felt superb tension.i was thinking negatively about my result.owh yes.the result for science is on my hand and I'm superb scared to see i let my friend see it and don't do any reaction.a few minutes i opened the fold paper and i can see the result right on the C.what!! i shouldn't get that.i barely study hard.nonono I'm not studying mood was down and i really lost my appetite when the recess friend was shocked to see me not eating because i usually eat eventhough a small bite on my friend nasi lemak.i kept thinking last i get the answered. GOD ask me to work harder.i have the vision on getting A's on PMR.the school belled.i rushing to the bus.and suddenly i walked,i walked,i walked.i don't see any buses.then Farah called me that the bus is at another i fastly walked.owh.the seat was fulled.a few minutes later,pak cik borhan came and ask all the setiwangsa go to pak cik's van.arghh i don't like was small and, i get the place beside the slide door.i was hot and sweaty.i reach home early.hurray.OMG its 12.30am.i need to sleep.tomorrow schooling.i must be sleepy tomorrow.ciao.

whatever it is I'm still working hard.there's 3 more exams left before PMR. i have to face the fact and to be strong to face my mum and dad.i also don't know what are then gonna say.

June 16, 2009

kantoi by zee azi

Here's a direct translation of Zee Avi's "Kantoi" which is sung in typical Manglish (Malay-English mix). "Kantoi" is a Malay term used when one is caught committing an act or exposed for committing an act, similar to the term "Busted" used in English.

The video is taken from Zee's live performance from the Solar Powered Plastic Plant. Infringement of rights is not intended.

thanks to my sister izza.she's the one who showed me this video.


hey sounds quiet long not updating this blog.hey i just drop by this beautiful soulmate.

incompatible,it don't matter though
'cause someone's bound to hear my cry
speak out if u do,its not easy to find

is it posible Mr. Loveble is already in my life?
right infront of me or maybe u're in disguise

who doesn't long for someone to hold
who knows how to love u without being told
somebody tell me why i'm on my own
if there's a soulmate for everyone

here we are again circles never end
how do i find the perfect fit?
there's enough for everyone
but i'm still waiting in line

who doesn't long for someone to hold
who knows how to love u without being told
somebody tell me why i'm on my own
if there's a soulmate for everyone
if there's a soulmate foe everyone

most relationship seem so transitory
they're all good but not the permanent one

who doesn't long for someone to hold
who knows how to love u without being told
oh, some body tell me why i'm on my own
if there's a soulmate for everyone

who doesn't long for someone to hold
who knows how to love u without being told
somebody tell me why i'm on my own
if there's a soulmate for everyone
if there's a soulmate for everyone

by Natasha Bedingfield
title soulmate

June 14, 2009

sorry babe

omg.I'm sorry aizatul.I'm really can't make it.i got class to go and I'm barely busy.please just understand me. maybe I'll try to make it another time.its like a million time we want to meet each other but there must be something that makes the plan goes badly.maybe we just not meant to be a friend.who knows.i started to feel boring about this.i got tuition and stuff to handle. like yeah exam year,need to be more things to do.

kiss kiss,

wonderful hair dressup

wow.amazingly i have just watch a video that construct her hair into a volume hair.she actually showing the steps on her hair.and its yeah she has a nicer hair than me.obviously,she can style the hair properly with the spray or stuff provided.OH yeah,she even teach on how to cut yr hair with simple hair right.i wish to have that pretty hair but it maybe look fake for me even though its pretty.every single people can learn.yaww.don't think u are so good i can even do barely jealous.huakk.

kiss kiss,

June 12, 2009


i love ya.ur great bebe.thanks for ur compliment.ur the only bff i have eventhough we have a fight.i appreciate everything that u have done to me.if i go relationship problem or stuff.u the one i kept finding.okay.just don't go anywhere.i now u'll be there for me.its too bad that i can't hangout with u this surely busy.super many stuff to do.u know,my parents not here they,many things they ask us to,now im trying to organised my plan.and i think i'll be hanging out with u on it okay.i hope so.check ya later.

don't forget-demi kina grannis

she got a beautiful voice.lucky u kina grannis.i wish to have that voice.but i wouldn't.its okay.

June 11, 2009

11 june

i woke up at 8.and slept back.then i woke up at 9++.its a very boring day where i stay alone in a house.doing useless workout.i watch TV and online.i felt scared to went down because i kept thinking of my auntie.she just been robbed while she sidai the clothes.she struggling with the robber at her, i was thinking negatively.i barely scared if any robbers come to my house what should i do because I'm alone.should i screamed.should i run.should i call.i don't know.I'm super go through it.i went down and trying to think positive.i made it but still a little negative in my head.i switch on the TV quickly and have my lunch.that's all until i waited my brother came home.

June 10, 2009


huh.i just send my parents at KLIA. they're going for,which means they're not here for maybe 2 weeks.left the money here,left the tears and go and do the ibadah there.huh its going to be boring.need to arrange the plans and stuff.a lot of work.

eyes. eyes hurt.ouch.its watery.its red.its on my right eyes.haha.its my fault cause i scratch it.i dont deserved it.come on pls.hurry up back to the normal.

June 7, 2009


bangang babi puki siot.ha ha
okay starts with a good word.
u pretty a**h***.
what huh.u think Ur so it.if u think u jealous.hah.u deserve it.
padan muka.diam diam sudeyh.
kau bajet je jantin ur just like the shit stripping on the floor.
harap muka pon macam siot.dh back off. not in the good mood.
sloppy kisses,


what happen huh today.owh yeah!.i just came back from kampung because kenduri was held there,its was fun.u know if dh ada sedara mmg x igt dunia dh.whatevrlah kan.around 9am i tersedar sbb parents sume dh kt dapur gelak yg mcm maksimum punya smpi i blh tersedar.then,i had my shower,turun makan breakfast.then borak2 lagi kt bwh with cousins.banyak giler story nk cerita.haha poyo.

around 11am,my dad ask to put all the stuff inside the car.byebyebyebye.took pictures and stuff dah pukul 11.30am.ontheway to go home my mum ajk singgah our cousins house.lunch at her House then we watch movie.cerita hantu kot.byebyebye dah pukul 2pm.

3 hours in the car,mybe x igt sbb tido.take out all the stuff out,baring2 tgk tv.then my mum panggil makan petang.mandimandimandi.after i wore my clothes on,my sister ajak beli food for dinner.eateateat.then online nd buat score a.ha ha sbb my mum ask to.then turun bawah minum.haha nk jgk.then i went to sleep.

that's all for today.
sloppy kisses,

June 5, 2009


I'm back from the camp.hurray!!
the camp was sucks.especially when the time reach subuh.huh sleepy man.but it was fun when we were in our room gossiping.let me story u from the first day of the camp.

the day i reached is around 2.then i sat beside wawin.later more peoples came joining us.then i baik dgn putre.then lyna.half an hour later.the bus reached.we all like berebut nk choose place.i got the place behind where putre beside me and lyna infront of me and wawin besides lyna.this is where we got close to each the mean time lyna's chair patah.kesian i yang duduk belakang dia.siot x? in the bus,i x habis2 dgn my musikk.haha.putre texting sort of credit.lyna dreaming.wawin with her "x glamor".haha.yeah and 4 of us got the same dorm.hehe.then kiteorg ada cam game which my partner is wawin.lyna and putre.the cikgu ask all of us to switch our shoe with the partner and kene kumpulkan kat one place and kene,by the time cikgu said 3,i'm the first one yg smpi then kene hempap cm siot je kat bwh tuh.yeah,i drpd berdiri jadi duduk and jadi sujud.haha.suddenly masa i kat bwh tuh suffocating, i terasa mcm someone was pulling my the time i turn to see.its wawin trying to save me.huh hilang glam i .haha.funnylah.

okay.malam nih gossip bebeh.
i x habis2 dgn sentatt.hillarious giler smpi ada cara nk buta muka sentatt.wawin,lyna ,putre and me knew it how to do.mulut atas leper sikit.tangan kene dkt bahu and muka vain,malam tuh tgh borak2 suddenly dgr orang ketuk pintu.hehe.whats that.hantu.mane x nyer.our room kat belakang which is near to the toilet and shower.haha.semua lari kat kakak senior.we slept at 3 and woke up at 3.30.huh.mandi is the best part.its kinda like 4 of us je kat belakang memekak masa tgh mandi because sejuk and ada banyak semut.funny.i kene mrh dgn lyna because i campak towel dia because lyna yg mintak then the towel yg i campak didn't reached her.habis towel tuh jatuh on top of the semut yg banyak tuh.crab.lyna's mad.after mandi,went to the surau.geee.i x larat.

the obstacle.uh x laratlah but i still join my group.running hear,running there.go through here,go through got the first place which is my group.that night i went to sleep around 2++ because i was regret about yesterday night.sleepy,nothing great happen.just that obstacle and explore race.maybe. owh yeah.ada i part yang the fasi giving us like a talk about our parents which makes me cry and others.balik dorm mata bengkak.


huh nk balik.we went for breakfast and kene berkumpul dkt dewan.then,the fasi gave the prizes to the group winner.dalam bus,awsome.then mandi.owh i won't forget about the shower part.i saw wawin nipnip twice.and wawin saw mine to.i can't see lyna's because she has a big boobs which wawin jealous cause her's small.putre,i can't see her's to.because she's wearing long bra.

in the bus,on the way yeah.half way i dh tidur.but others still gosiping.the pak cik who drove us is like crazy.especially pity to the person who sat behind.if there any hump.the back person will go dump! pity putre because she her head hit the roof.ouch.

thats happy to be home.

May 29, 2009

happy teachers day

hey blog.i promise to talk about teachers day. it was great. the performances were awesome.some of them were dancing, singing, acting. the teachers were acting like babies.ha ha very friends and i were like cram sitting on the floor for half a the first place,the teachers were giving a speech about the teachers day and it takes kindda long.i was so sleepy that we all felt i get an idea to start a gossip.haha.bad idea.bla bla bla.i need to go something to do.

sloppy kisses,

May 28, 2009

my dad.

again blog.third time i know.i saw my dad on TV.his giving the prizes to the winner of akademi al-quran.hehe.great.


again blog.i cant fever is still here and its contagious to my mum and friends.when will it end.i dont have this H1N1.haha.pity them.
huh.back to to you later.

goodnyte kiss,


owh.hey u can know here,miss QARMA i kindda lame cause i learn new words from the dictionary right infront of me.which is yellow in colour with green not the perfect person which can speak english perfectly.thats should be okay.haha.
urm,i thinks thats all i wanna say.goodnyte.i need to sleep early cause im having teachers day tomorrow.arghh.boring.hehe.lets talk about teachers day tomorrow kayh.

sloppy kisses,

May 27, 2009

im sick.

yeah im sick.super not going to school today but im having an exam.its okay not a big deal.huh.its like im sleeping all day long just to get my body temperature were high about 39 degree. my head feel like shit knocking around my brain.i know it doesn't make sense.but who cares.i don't know how to explain what i feel.argh..i need enough.u sleep a lot izrin.okay i need to call don't have any credits.huh.i need to study.tomorrow head spinning right now.everything is like what am i gonna do. yeah i good body needs to rest like alot.OMG.i havent ask my dad to pay for the british council fees.

May 10, 2009

April 22, 2009


blog.its believevable.intervensi 2 was end at 1.00.superb.the last subject was science.its so hard man.i was squeezing my head like crazy frog just to get the right it still nt working.i looked trough the ceiling manalah tau suddenly the answer keluar ke? it still nt working.huh.the answer is hentam.nk hentam pon ssh.cause i try to get the logic hentam.still x blh.dahlah mse tuh mate tgh menyantuk.terpakse bkk mata besar2 just because to get the answer.dh lah paper 2.experiment plak tuh.

squeezing is very good thing bt it might get hurt.rse2 cm x dpt A je.baru hari tuh attend seminar.I AM A TOP STUDENT!!.okayh,now aim higher.try to reach the goal.haha.everyday i dream to get 8A's in my x smpi2 lagi aim tuh.

back to the takes much time to finish up the science questions.atlast habis jugak.some answer are right bt some are not.10 minutes left.i closed the exam paper and i put it to the side.ape lagi.its bed time.tidotidotidotido.then the teachers wake us up.nasib baik x de air liur basi.haha.if ada mesti malu giler.mse tido tdi rse mcm tido 5 jam.mane x nye ,siap ade mimpi lagi tuh.

then,cikgu ckp.times up.put all ur pen and pencil down.happy je rase cause that is the last that situation rse mcm pmr.huh.scary.the teacher dh habis kutip sume kertas.then,sume mcm huuhhhhhhh.lega.exam dh habis.

thats all.bye.nice to hear my story blog.ur the bomb.

sloppy kisses,

April 19, 2009

exam exam bm,kh,geo.mmg soalan cm suberb.especially bm.agk blank nk buat karangan.i dont hv any idea nk tulis ape n atlast i choose no.3.karangan fakta.tatabahasa pon blh tahan susah.Geo.mmg x tau nk kata ape dh.bnyk keluar soalan cm pelik2.huh.i try hard to get A's.dh sakit bontot time exam geo.mmg x lah.haha.

thats all.nk study subject for tomorrow.especially math.

sloppy kisses,

April 1, 2009

urban attic

yest birthday giler.neesha buat dkt pub which is URBAN ATTIC.ada live band. sume pki black n white sbb ikot theme.then food die pon sdp.kiteorg amik gmbr, borak2 n gelak sume.then tetibe ade sorg kakak nih(myb sedara neesha kot)die pggl kiteorg turun sbb nk wish birthday neesha.happening giler.neesha dh malu.ade photographer amik gmba kiteorg. then dh habis tuh naik balik n mkn kek.kek tuh sdp giler.then,dh lama2 tuh the same kakak ajk kiteorg sume turun bwh kt dance floor.mula mula sume malu smpi birthday girl merajuk. then lama2 2 turn gk sbb nk sejukkan hati neesha.haha.lama 2 dance mcm x igt dunia.hahaha. ade yg x turn sbb lpk ngun gf/bf.kiteorg dance smpi pening 1 thing,DJ die pilih lagu x yg x best.opss.agk bnyk kali i pegi toilet sbb nk pee.hahaha. mane x nye.minum air bkn main bnyk.penat tau nk kene turun pegi toilet sbb pki high heels.lps dh dance tuh,rase2 dh puas dance.i ngun my fyqa pulak nk balik.x thn bau best.

yang i know,i enjoy giler and thanks to neesha 4 inviting me to your party.
penat lah nk type.k lah myb smpi sini je sbb nk tido.penat tau kene bkk mata besar2 nk type.i hope i got a sweet dreams about last memories neesha..hahaha.
sloppy kisses,

March 7, 2009



without you.

maybe i was wrong..
bt i can't let you go.
things will never be the same without you.
you're the person i know,
you're the person i share with.

my life getting harder without you.
i keep move on my life
even though its sucks.
where ever i go,
where ever i do,
i keep thinking of you.

i keep saying to myself,
should i move on mylife.
u spin my head,
right round right round,
when u go down when u go down.
myb i was stronger than i thought.
i could go on with the blog.

ur the best blog i ever had..
u keep stay here .
i try to move on.
in my heart,
there's someone here.
theres only u know how to touch me.
i will make it through to the end..

Have a little faith
I'll come back home
Don't forget my name, when I'm alone
A ghost to the faces I miss
I'm a ghost to the faces I miss.

where ever it is,
u got to shake ur ass.

sloppy kisses.

February 23, 2009


owh no!!
i'm alive..
i thought i'm dead.

it's just a dream.
im too tired till i slept on the floor with my leg on the chair and my face kissing the carpet.
bt i was thinking,its only a few hour ago.
i was posting a blog..

so to the people who really thinks they tired..
just stop what ever ur doing ang to sleep nicely n the bed.


my last word.
i'm dead.


what a superb day..
i keep practising cheer dance and stunts everyday..
i need 2 put my weight down..all not,the basses wont get me.
its not easy to be flyer..
u need to grip your whole body while doing stunts to make my body lighter.

the steps are great.
the songs are great.
bt the flow never ends.

we enjoy while dancing.
we focus we stunning.
we cheering while laughing.

it is not okay to the people who dont want to enter cheer.
because there were keep thinking about studies.
studies never stop me to be cheer.
if u know how to bahagikan masa.
it is okay..

i think thats all.
i need to get shower before my parents come home..
all not...
im dead..

sloppy kisses,

February 7, 2009

where the age of 15 started

7th february 1994.
when i started to reach 15 at 12 0'clock..
it's normal for u to have a wishes as happy birthday and a present.
it's okay if there is no present.
and the think i care is a wish.
the 1 who wish me is the 1 who's the bomb..
they are awsome because they do appreciate me..
haha..mybe they forgot today is my birthday.

whatever it is.
i do celebrate my birthday with friends.
we meet and celebrate and plays bowling as well..
ur lying if theres no smile,hug n kisses when its on my birtday..
myb they do because when i first met them at the spot just nw.
and for a few hours later we had a fight(and its on my birtday)
they were bluffing each other.

i feel sad,ofcourse.
a minutes later i do solve the problem..
we went for a bowling..
pictures snap a alot.
actually we have to wait for a waiting list first..
and an hour later,my name were called for 3 times.. happy..we play bowling n have fun...
we take pictures..

idk what to say anymore.
i just feel happy..
and last..

it ends here..

sloppy kiss,

February 2, 2009


yesterday was great..
i ngan my siblings went to astrofest..
not badlah..
there are alot of activities..
meet uncle hussein was there too..
blh dikatakan enjoylah..
stakat agguk2 kepala,loncat2,mcm2 lah..

now lets talk about their food plk..
the food are quite okay bt tggl sikit je..
yelah,mane x nye, by the time kiteorg smpi dh pkul 9..
there are 3 stage.
the first stage is 4 ppl yg tgh mkn (dihiburkan oleh JOZAN)
they was so amuzing..
the 2nd stage is 4 teenagers cm band meet uncle hussein sume kt situ..
i kinda like 2 say ,this stage yg paling rmi orglah.
and the 3rd stage is 4 kids..
they were dancing there mcm x igt dunia..

and ade gk activities cm face painting,scream!!
alot ah tapi.
hmm.okay i dont no wt 2 say anymore because im blank..

sloppy kisses,


Yesterday was great..
i dgn my siblings went to ASTRO FEST..
not badlah cause ade a few artist kt situ n ade activities..
yang best nyer meet uncle hussein was there..hmm enjoy gk lah..
c setakat goyang2 badan je.

faizal tahir, elyana n aizat was there too.
diorg nyanyi a few songs gk..

lets talk about food plk..
the food are okaylah cause by the time i reach there the food tinggal yg sisa2 je..
bt its okay cause i don't really care about food..
i drink alot lah..

sloppy kisses,

January 10, 2009

Hello, 2009

Hey everyone, i know i have been really quiet for the past year (2008) as i was really busy with my studies and school "drama"!! haha. yes, the school is one of the places where the drama is high!

By the way, i hope it is not too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!

this year, i have vow to myself to update this blog as frequent as possible. writing about celebrities, gossips, latest fashion and trends, my make-up career and most importantly about the things that happens around me: family, friends, girlfriends, and school.

well, that's it for now. i have to go back to the online world to find the latest Jimmy Choo patent is sooooooo in my Wishlist!!!

sloppy kisses,