August 25, 2009

the person who is angry is the one person is hungry

hey,i'm not fasting.
hehe, great huh.
guest what i went for my tuition yesterday dgn semangatnya
sampai tertinggal transport.
so,i asked mum to send me tuition.
okaylah,then when i reached there naik atas and give my student card to kak irma.
she's nice and short.hehe.
so,get in the class sir shakib pon baru okay then sambung belajar maths.
then i asked fyqa for a food.then she said she only have a chew gum.okaylah.
then,i ate it.x sangka lah pulak ada,kunyah2 then sir cakap sapa yg x puasa i looked at him and buat muka.then we smiled and yg lain semua dh macam ohhh izrin x puasa, x malu.and bla bla bla.
so,to anyone who's not-fasting,
here are some advise for you.
do not eat chew gum.
so,the moral of the post is the person who is "not shy" is the person who is "don't care others"
hahahahhahhahaha.giler x de motif.

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