March 7, 2009



without you.

maybe i was wrong..
bt i can't let you go.
things will never be the same without you.
you're the person i know,
you're the person i share with.

my life getting harder without you.
i keep move on my life
even though its sucks.
where ever i go,
where ever i do,
i keep thinking of you.

i keep saying to myself,
should i move on mylife.
u spin my head,
right round right round,
when u go down when u go down.
myb i was stronger than i thought.
i could go on with the blog.

ur the best blog i ever had..
u keep stay here .
i try to move on.
in my heart,
there's someone here.
theres only u know how to touch me.
i will make it through to the end..

Have a little faith
I'll come back home
Don't forget my name, when I'm alone
A ghost to the faces I miss
I'm a ghost to the faces I miss.

where ever it is,
u got to shake ur ass.

sloppy kisses.