May 29, 2009

happy teachers day

hey blog.i promise to talk about teachers day. it was great. the performances were awesome.some of them were dancing, singing, acting. the teachers were acting like babies.ha ha very friends and i were like cram sitting on the floor for half a the first place,the teachers were giving a speech about the teachers day and it takes kindda long.i was so sleepy that we all felt i get an idea to start a gossip.haha.bad idea.bla bla bla.i need to go something to do.

sloppy kisses,

May 28, 2009

my dad.

again blog.third time i know.i saw my dad on TV.his giving the prizes to the winner of akademi al-quran.hehe.great.


again blog.i cant fever is still here and its contagious to my mum and friends.when will it end.i dont have this H1N1.haha.pity them.
huh.back to to you later.

goodnyte kiss,


owh.hey u can know here,miss QARMA i kindda lame cause i learn new words from the dictionary right infront of me.which is yellow in colour with green not the perfect person which can speak english perfectly.thats should be okay.haha.
urm,i thinks thats all i wanna say.goodnyte.i need to sleep early cause im having teachers day tomorrow.arghh.boring.hehe.lets talk about teachers day tomorrow kayh.

sloppy kisses,

May 27, 2009

im sick.

yeah im sick.super not going to school today but im having an exam.its okay not a big deal.huh.its like im sleeping all day long just to get my body temperature were high about 39 degree. my head feel like shit knocking around my brain.i know it doesn't make sense.but who cares.i don't know how to explain what i feel.argh..i need enough.u sleep a lot izrin.okay i need to call don't have any credits.huh.i need to study.tomorrow head spinning right now.everything is like what am i gonna do. yeah i good body needs to rest like alot.OMG.i havent ask my dad to pay for the british council fees.

May 10, 2009