June 25, 2009

25th june 2009

my brother,izrul.his leaving tomorrow.he is going to UITM segamat.ha ha. giler loser.
then,my sister izza,izlia and me unfortunately are staying here in KL.so, its going to be the girls day.huahuahua.awesome.

lets talk about my brother.his 18 years old.his tall and skinny.he likes to play drum and guitar.he got his own guitar but he always borrow his friend guitar which is DANIEL.okay.now he is at DANIEL house for a BBQ.his still not home yet.my father,izelan called him just now and he said he's at "Padang rumah DANIEL".

just know,about 11.50p.m, my father called me down.so i went to him and he ask me to drive.wow.it's like awesome.I'm not driving for quiet long since fasting month last year.maybe.so,i drove my sister car, MYVI ( MBQ 3276 ).haha.my sister do story me about her car.her friends like to create her MBQ = mmmbeq.ha ha.

so,back to the story.
i drove the car round and round.try to controlling the car so it won't get to the other line.my dad sat besides me and he kept saying " drive slowly easier to control.but if drive laju laju susah nk control." ha ha.very good advise dad.

actually i wanted to blog about my brother but suddenly my sister,my sister friends,Daniel,my dad.haha.everyone on the list.wohooo.

actually i don't know what to blog about my brother.so that's why i put in some other story.
sorry if i just messed it up.

owh its 12.10.
i need to sleep.schooling tomorrow.

goodnight kiss,

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