June 17, 2009

tired bebeh

arghh.today i started my day to wake up late and almost left school bus.
i reached school at 7.05a.m and straight away went to the hall.the assembly finish.so, i went to class and on my way i felt sleepy and lazy to walk and climb each steps.the P&P started.the teachers arrived and directly gave the exams paper.i felt superb tension.i was thinking negatively about my result.owh yes.the result for science is on my hand and I'm superb scared to see it.so i let my friend see it and don't do any reaction.a few minutes i opened the fold paper and i can see the result right on the above.wow.its C.what!! i shouldn't get that.i barely study hard.nonono I'm not studying hard.my mood was down and i really lost my appetite when the recess time.my friend was shocked to see me not eating because i usually eat eventhough a small bite on my friend nasi lemak.i kept thinking why.at last i get the answered. GOD ask me to work harder.i have the vision on getting A's on PMR.the school belled.i rushing to the bus.and suddenly i walked,i walked,i walked.i don't see any buses.then Farah called me that the bus is at another side.so i fastly walked.owh.the seat was fulled.a few minutes later,pak cik borhan came and ask all the setiwangsa go to pak cik's van.arghh i don't like van.it was small and compact.so, i get the place beside the slide door.i was hot and sweaty.i reach home early.hurray.OMG its 12.30am.i need to sleep.tomorrow schooling.i must be sleepy tomorrow.ciao.

whatever it is I'm still working hard.there's 3 more exams left before PMR. i have to face the fact and to be strong to face my mum and dad.i also don't know what are then gonna say.

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theroyalcrapster said...

its ok ilin. i know God has better plans for you. he wants you to work extra hard than u did. i will pray for your success :)