June 11, 2009

11 june

i woke up at 8.and slept back.then i woke up at 9++.its a very boring day where i stay alone in a house.doing useless workout.i watch TV and online.i felt scared to went down because i kept thinking of my auntie.she just been robbed while she sidai the clothes.she struggling with the robber at her porch.so, i was thinking negatively.i barely scared if any robbers come to my house what should i do because I'm alone.should i screamed.should i run.should i call.i don't know.I'm super scared.so.i go through it.i went down and trying to think positive.i made it but still a little negative in my head.i switch on the TV quickly and have my lunch.that's all until i waited my brother came home.

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