June 7, 2009


what happen huh today.owh yeah!.i just came back from kampung because kenduri was held there yesterday.so,its was fun.u know if dh ada sedara mmg x igt dunia dh.whatevrlah kan.around 9am i tersedar sbb parents sume dh kt dapur gelak yg mcm maksimum punya smpi i blh tersedar.then,i had my shower,turun makan breakfast.then borak2 lagi kt bwh with cousins.banyak giler story nk cerita.haha poyo.

around 11am,my dad ask to put all the stuff inside the car.byebyebyebye.took pictures and stuff dah pukul 11.30am.ontheway to go home my mum ajk singgah our cousins house.lunch at her House then we watch movie.cerita hantu kot.byebyebye dah pukul 2pm.

3 hours in the car,mybe x igt sbb tido.take out all the stuff out,baring2 tgk tv.then my mum panggil makan petang.mandimandimandi.after i wore my clothes on,my sister ajak beli food for dinner.eateateat.then online nd buat score a.ha ha sbb my mum ask to.then turun bawah minum.haha nk jgk.then i went to sleep.

that's all for today.
sloppy kisses,

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