June 5, 2009


I'm back from the camp.hurray!!
the camp was sucks.especially when the time reach subuh.huh sleepy man.but it was fun when we were in our room gossiping.let me story u from the first day of the camp.

the day i reached is around 2.then i sat beside wawin.later more peoples came joining us.then i baik dgn putre.then lyna.half an hour later.the bus reached.we all like berebut nk choose place.i got the place behind where putre beside me and lyna infront of me and wawin besides lyna.this is where we got close to each other.in the mean time lyna's chair patah.kesian i yang duduk belakang dia.siot x? in the bus,i x habis2 dgn my musikk.haha.putre texting sort of credit.lyna dreaming.wawin with her "x glamor".haha.yeah and 4 of us got the same dorm.hehe.then kiteorg ada cam game which my partner is wawin.lyna and putre.the cikgu ask all of us to switch our shoe with the partner and kene kumpulkan kat one place and kene cari.so,by the time cikgu said 3,i'm the first one yg smpi then kene hempap cm siot je kat bwh tuh.yeah,i drpd berdiri jadi duduk and jadi sujud.haha.suddenly masa i kat bwh tuh suffocating, i terasa mcm someone was pulling my tudung.by the time i turn to see.its wawin trying to save me.huh hilang glam i .haha.funnylah.

okay.malam nih gossip bebeh.
i x habis2 dgn sentatt.hillarious giler smpi ada cara nk buta muka sentatt.wawin,lyna ,putre and me knew it how to do.mulut atas leper sikit.tangan kene dkt bahu and muka vain sikit.haha.so,malam tuh tgh borak2 suddenly dgr orang ketuk pintu.hehe.whats that.hantu.mane x nyer.our room kat belakang which is near to the toilet and shower.haha.semua lari kat kakak senior.we slept at 3 and woke up at 3.30.huh.mandi is the best part.its kinda like 4 of us je kat belakang memekak masa tgh mandi because sejuk and ada banyak semut.funny.i kene mrh dgn lyna because i campak towel dia because lyna yg mintak then the towel yg i campak didn't reached her.habis towel tuh jatuh on top of the semut yg banyak tuh.crab.lyna's mad.after mandi,went to the surau.geee.i x larat.

the obstacle.uh x laratlah but i still join my group.running hear,running there.go through here,go through there.tiring.hurray.al-musyawarah got the first place which is my group.that night i went to sleep around 2++ because i was regret about yesterday night.sleepy tau.so,nothing great happen.just that obstacle and explore race.maybe. owh yeah.ada i part yang the fasi giving us like a talk about our parents which makes me cry and others.balik dorm mata bengkak.


huh nk balik.we went for breakfast and kene berkumpul dkt dewan.then,the fasi gave the prizes to the group winner.dalam bus,awsome.then mandi.owh i won't forget about the shower part.i saw wawin nipnip twice.and wawin saw mine to.i can't see lyna's because she has a big boobs which wawin jealous cause her's small.putre,i can't see her's to.because she's wearing long bra.

in the bus,on the way home.like yeah.half way i dh tidur.but others still gosiping.the pak cik who drove us is like crazy.especially pity to the person who sat behind.if there any hump.the back person will go dump! pity putre because she her head hit the roof.ouch.

thats all.im happy to be home.

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