April 22, 2009


blog.its believevable.intervensi 2 was end at 1.00.superb.the last subject was science.its so hard man.i was squeezing my head like crazy frog just to get the right answer.bt it still nt working.i looked trough the ceiling manalah tau suddenly the answer keluar ke? it still nt working.huh.the answer is hentam.nk hentam pon ssh.cause i try to get the logic hentam.still x blh.dahlah mse tuh mate tgh menyantuk.terpakse bkk mata besar2 just because to get the answer.dh lah paper 2.experiment plak tuh.

squeezing is very good thing bt it might get hurt.rse2 cm x dpt A je.baru hari tuh attend seminar.I AM A TOP STUDENT!!.okayh,now aim higher.try to reach the goal.haha.everyday i dream to get 8A's in my exam.bt x smpi2 lagi aim tuh.

back to the story.it takes much time to finish up the science questions.atlast habis jugak.some answer are right bt some are not.10 minutes left.i closed the exam paper and i put it to the side.ape lagi.its bed time.tidotidotidotido.then the teachers wake us up.nasib baik x de air liur basi.haha.if ada mesti malu giler.mse tido tdi rse mcm tido 5 jam.mane x nye ,siap ade mimpi lagi tuh.

then,cikgu ckp.times up.put all ur pen and pencil down.happy je rase cause that is the last paper.haha.in that situation rse mcm pmr.huh.scary.the teacher dh habis kutip sume kertas.then,sume mcm huuhhhhhhh.lega.exam dh habis.

thats all.bye.nice to hear my story blog.ur the bomb.

sloppy kisses,

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