September 16, 2009

what a sudden

today was a bad day.
i'm having my period for September.
so,in this year of fasting i need to refund my puasa for like many times.
masa,awal-awal puasa i had my period too.
susah betul lah period nih.
so,the reason i blog today is telling you guys what i go through my life today.
it was baddd.i went home from school like about 2.00.then sampai rumah tengok tengok
i left my keys. habis..i got tuition at 2.30.
so,what i did is i took my hair clip and corek ,turn-turn and buat weird thing kat pintu rumah tu.
mana tak scary.nanti kene marah ngan mum.
so, i decided to just sit at the porch until anyone came back. while waiting i buat paper sejarah.
so,since my sejarah dh habis its about 3.00.
mum still haven't came back,malu pegi neighbours house.
then,tibe tibe the teacher sampai.she was like.why? what happen?
then i said "i didn't bring my house key".
she gave me her phone to call.
i talked to mum.
it was nervous because takut she's mad.
i told her i left my house key.
she said"teacher dh sampai belum? u left your keys? astraghfirullah halazim",wait till she came with teacher in the porch.
giler kesian tgk cikgu.
as waiting, at last she's here.she bang the gate and straight away open the door.
teacher and me was like errr.

in my mind i was thinking
"should i help?
should i go to her?"
the door cannot open.
how am i going in.
so, WE together help to find way to open the door.
sliding door lock pulak tu.
so,mum cancelled the tuition.
she said"maybe she's brilliant enough."
memang kene marahlah.then the teacher went back home.
the locksmith here already...
so, about 4.30 dh boleh masuk.

hurray.this is my life in the golden lane.haha

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