February 2, 2009


yesterday was great..
i ngan my siblings went to astrofest..
not badlah..
there are alot of activities..
meet uncle hussein was there too..
blh dikatakan enjoylah..
stakat agguk2 kepala,loncat2,mcm2 lah..

now lets talk about their food plk..
the food are quite okay bt tggl sikit je..
yelah,mane x nye, by the time kiteorg smpi dh pkul 9..
there are 3 stage.
the first stage is 4 ppl yg tgh mkn (dihiburkan oleh JOZAN)
they was so amuzing..
the 2nd stage is 4 teenagers cm band meet uncle hussein sume kt situ..
i kinda like 2 say ,this stage yg paling rmi orglah.
and the 3rd stage is 4 kids..
they were dancing there mcm x igt dunia..

and ade gk activities cm face painting,scream!!
alot ah tapi.
hmm.okay i dont no wt 2 say anymore because im blank..

sloppy kisses,

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theroyalcrapster said...

yeah! best gila astro fest!!