February 23, 2009


what a superb day..
i keep practising cheer dance and stunts everyday..
i need 2 put my weight down..all not,the basses wont get me.
its not easy to be flyer..
u need to grip your whole body while doing stunts to make my body lighter.

the steps are great.
the songs are great.
bt the flow never ends.

we enjoy while dancing.
we focus we stunning.
we cheering while laughing.

it is not okay to the people who dont want to enter cheer.
because there were keep thinking about studies.
studies never stop me to be cheer.
if u know how to bahagikan masa.
it is okay..

i think thats all.
i need to get shower before my parents come home..
all not...
im dead..

sloppy kisses,

1 comment:

theroyalcrapster said...

hehe. i saw the pictures of u cheering and i cant help but feel proud of you. and i can tell, ibu and ayah are also proud of you :)

i know inside, ur a strong and brave girl..keep doing what u love most, honey!!