October 6, 2009

i'm a girl acctually.haha

this is some notes about my uncoming PMR.

elin my Darling,
just do the best you can,
ingat ALLAH ingat success.

Izrin my daughter,
there is nothing impossible in this world.
what ever you do ,
i will always pray for your success.

Dear Izrin,
all the BEST for PMR.
we all have faith in you.
we always have faith in you.
i hope you will be the first in this family to get 8 A's

p/s : always remember law of attraction.
if you think you CAN, you CAN!

do the best!
make us proud!
face it like a war.
perang biar habis-habisan.

ME :
wow thanks guys, what i think from your hopes and pray are very important for me. i have a big responsible to hold. i know i CAN do the best as what akak said.yeah thats right. remembering ALLAH is also very important for me. ALLAH is where i ask and mengadu with. allah is the one who knows what i feel now and that i want for my future.i wish to have.nonono .i want 8 A's. i want flying colours. i know i can do this. selama 3 tahun belajar, hanya 2 jam untuk menentukan who am i.

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