October 6, 2009

excited + nervous

okay,seriously what i wanna say right now is.mylife change.haha. i can't concentrate on study. PMR just around the corner. a bunch of subjects that i haven't ready yet still playing around.the only thing that makes me focus is locking myself in the room with radio and phone around.

the reason i don't want to go to school is i can't study. what im going to do is chit-chatting with friends.so,the conclusion is ponteng sekolah.

tomorrow cuti,so what should i do is.revising all the notes.i know im weak but it doesn't mean i can't strive for A's with all the effort i put. always remember the LAW OF ATTRACTION.thanks dad for giving me the tips.i hope its working.i can't pray.im having my PMS.very very bad.like what the hell, PMR tomorrow mehh.
seriously need a stack of pads in bags.

wish me luck for PMR yeahh!!!

izrin izelan,

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