July 16, 2009


hurray.u know what i just came back from driving.i drove my dad's car. ha ha.i don't remember the number plaid.this time,a little bit far.i felt nervous and scared by the time there's a corner or T-junction.i don't know how to adjust the car.my hand was horribly controlled the "stering"ha ha.some of the cars behind honk me like many times.but i don't care I'm still new to this.when i was small i usually play with the whipper and signal.my dad would offer me if i like to drive.then,i sat on his lap and controlled the "stering"by my self (my dad actually controlled them). and now I'm sitting on the driver seat alone without sitting on my dad's lap.try to control and adjust everything my myself.and i'hv been noticed and advise my my dad which he seats on the passenger seat.what a sweet moment.btw,it was fun.

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